No doubt we are living in a difficult time. The amount of change and pace of change we have experienced over the past year far exceeds any comparable season in recent memory. Furthermore, this change has brought a large level of healthy concern, as well as, unhealthy fear for what is to come. Will the economy collapse? What will school look like for my kids in the fall? What will happen with my employment situation? Questions like these are real, and the uncertainly of their answer can leave one shaken and fearful.

The church in Thessalonica dealt with their fair share of issues, but in spite of their troubles, their faith grew! They relied upon the Lord and in the midst of the uncertainty and the trouble around them, they contributed to the building of God’s kingdom!

As we walk through Paul’s two letters to the church in Thessalonica over the next nine weeks I pray that you will be encouraged, empowered, and inspired by the truth and provision of our good and mighty God.

God bless you,

Pastor Steve