Greetings CCWC Family!
God is Good!

We have much to celebrate as a church! God is present, He is moving, and He is blessing! And the amazing part is, He is not done yet! This year has potential to be the best one yet. Not because of anything we can do, but because of who He is and what He can do!

What’s more He wants everyone to be part of His movement and He desires to use us to invite others.

On being invited to a fancy party, a wedding, or a banquet it is often customary to anticipate the privilege of being able to invite a close friend or family member to join the invited in the celebration. This is often called your, “plus 1”. The interesting thing about a, “plus 1” is that they are often a person the invited views in high esteem. They are usually a guest of honor, a person who one would want to be seen with, a person of admiration, a person of great importance  in the eyes of the invited.

We engage with our, “Plus 1’s” on a regular basis in our daily lives. Perhaps we have not taken the time to officially acknowledge the important people in our lives, but they are certainly there. These are the people you want to do life with, the people you care for, the people you learn from, the people you want to make memories with; and for the believer the people you desperately want to join you in heaven.

For this next series we are going to explore the many important relationships we have in our lives. The plan for God’s created inhabitants of this planet is that we live in relationship with one another. These relationships take many different forms; mentors, friends, apprentices, etc. It is His desire that we push into these relationships so we might learn and grow together. As we navigate through this series we will explore examples of each type of relationship in Scripture, evaluating how God called and how humanity responded. Furthermore, participants in this series will be encouraged and challenged to identify their own, “Plus 1’s” each week. A journey that will glorify God and edify the people of His kingdom.

So the question is simple, “Who is Your Plus One?”

I hope you (and a +1) will join us for the ride this series,

Pastor Steve