Greetings CCWC Family!

It is hard to believe that we are halfway through Summer! We have experienced some interesting weather outside, but what an amazing season of worship and growth at CCWC! Our current series has served as the genesis for many great conversations about how God is moving, and has been the catalyst for so many to take their next spiritual step forward in faith!

For the next six weeks we will continue to explore God’s instruction and clear call for His people and His desire for their conduct. God has granted the inhabitants of His creation with a timeless guide that helps all readers to understand how to live in communion with Him, with others, and with self: the Bible. When you love someone it is naturally revealed through an outward lifestyle. God demonstrates how we reveal our love toward Him and toward others through the gift of His Word.

In the coming weeks we will continue to explore the Wesleyan Church Guides and Helps to Holy Living, and how the application of these elements can be just what the image above suggests; Guide and Helps for seekers and Christ-followers to embrace the nature, character, and call of God. My heart and desire is to journey through the last several weeks of Summer with Jesus, diving deeper into relationship with Him through spiritual disciplines, personal sacrifice, using our gifts, eliminating distractions, and living in unity with the Body. 

For these last six weeks we will examine one of the guides and helps though exploring the Scriptural foundation from which it originated. We will address the final three categories; toward family, toward church, and toward others. These last three categories will help us all to recognize the holistic nature of holiness, as well as the joy and blessing it is for us to honor God and to grow in relationship with Him in and through every area of our lives.  

Let me invite you and your family to join us on the remainder of this journey this Summer, as we explore the Biblical guides and helps to holy living! 

God is good and God is great, 
Pastor Steve