The focus of this summer will specifically highlight the channels God has provided for us, His creation,to grow in our faith and understanding of Him. We will seek historic tradition and proven experience, but above all, Scriptural truth as a guide to help us explore these amazing means of grace and growth.

Three specific areas of focus arise as we explore the practices, or “disciplines”, that bring us closer to God; inward disciplines, outward disciplines, and forgotten disciplines. Inward disciplines will center on the practices that are employed and facilitated with just us and God on a personal level, think of these as a means of “being” within the doing. Outward disciplines are both individual and corporate, but most importantly focus on the “doing” aspect of faith. Finally, we will explore forgotten disciplines, primarily these are those disciplines what are found in Scripture and Christian history, but are rarely stressed or practiced today.

All disciplines will express an element of personal growth, an edification of the church (directly or indirectly), and a glorification of our Almighty God.

Join us each Sunday morning as we journey together as a church to explore the nature and practice of spiritual disciplines.

If you have missed some of our services, or if you plan to be out of town in the coming months be sure to join us virtually by clicking this link: CCWC Worship Service LiveStream.

God bless you all!

In His Service,

Pastor Steve