The start of a new year often brings a certain freshness and newness. Typically situated in the middle of cold and dark winter comes a moment of possibility, of new beginnings. New Year’s resolutions, desires for growth, the quitting of poor habits and the starting of new healthy habits all occupy the culture and context of the official start of a new calendar year. Here in the midst of a seemingly untimely season affords the a prospect for a whole new reality, a time to RESET.
The Apostle Paul was the king of new beginnings; having experienced one of the most miraculous conversion experiences ever recorded, through his countless ministry endeavors to plant churches, develop disciples, and as he authored letters of encouragement, correction, and truth. Paul’s letter to the Church in Colossi tells the story of this posture of new beginnings, as Paul himself hits the “RESET BUTTON” by teaching on the supremacy of Christ, the freedom one can experience in Christ, and instruction for holy living. Certainly much of these teachings were not new concepts for his readers, but none the less Paul recognized the short-coming of the church in his day, so he took time to pause and RESET his readers on the things of God.
This January we kick the year off right by taking a moment to RESET; exploring and examining the inspired words of the Apostle Paul, highlighting what it means to be a disciple who makes disciples.
Invite a friend and join us for the next four weeks as we journey through this season of study, transformation, and growth.

God bless you and yours this New Year,
Pastor Steve