Once again we are navigating into one of the greatest seasons of the year! The calendar is winding down, the weather is changing, and joy is filling the air. It is Christmas Season! We are embarking on our annual celebration of the greatest birth of all, the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

The days and weeks leading up to this event are filled with anticipation and excitement, as well as moments of anxiety and fear. It is a tumultuous journey, possibly, even more, this year than any other. Sadly, many do not realize that though there is a celebration to be had on Christmas Day, the journey to this point, Advent, can be just as special! The moments of anticipating His arrival can bring life-change to those who seek.

I want to formally invite you to join us this Advent season as we ReDiscover Christmas!

I hope and pray that this season of Advent serves as a formative event for you and yours!

God bless,
Pastor Steve Warner

Service Times:
Each Sunday at 9:00 & 10:30 AM

1st Sunday of Advent–November 29

“Hope In Our Uncertainties”

2nd Sunday of Advent–December 6

“Peace In Our Struggles”

3rd Sunday of Advent–December 13

“Joy In Our Discouragement”

4th Sunday of Advent–December 20

“Love In Our Difference”

Christmas Eve Service @ 3:00 PM
*Please RSVP for Christmas Eve Service by contacting the church office.