Real LIfe; where belief and circumstances intersect

Setbacks, sacrifices, growth, rhythm, and celebrations are all part of life.

During any given season of life, you might experience setbacks, unplanned issues that come out of nowhere. What do you do with setbacks? We all have to make sacrifices, in fact no one can have it all. What do you do with sacrifices? Growth is a natural part of life, we all grow in some way every day. But do you intentionally grow, are you growing in the things of God? Rhythmcan be easily displaced, but it is often the catalyst for sanity. How have you experienced the benefits of applied rhythms? Finally, celebrations are some of the greatest moments of life. Do you celebrate? Do you celebrate well?

In this tumultuous time, I have put together a series that examines each of these elements of life through the lens of Scripture. We experience them all, yet it is how we react or how we engage that matters.

Join us each week via our online platform to engage in God’s Word and discover what He has to say about Real Life.

God bless,

Pastor Steve

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