Simply put, it is time to pray. 

For this three-part series we are pausing to focus on the purpose and practice of engaging with God through the communicative act of prayer. 

While things in our world may seem a bit crazy, God is in control. While it appears that our country is more divided than ever, God is in control. While some might not acknowledge it, God is in control. The amazing thing about our God is that He is not only in control but He is a good God. And as a good God He wants what is best for us! However, at times we overlook the simple act of engaging with Him through the simplest of actions, prayer. 

God wants to connect with us, He wants to teach and direct us, and He desires to grow in relationship with us. Simply put, it is time to pray. 

Join us on Sunday morning at 9 or 10:30 in the building or online!

God bless you, 

Pastor Steve
Making Disciples Who Make Disciples