Challenges that Transform Your Soul


Some of life’s brokenness has already sent tremors into the lives of people within our church family, perhaps even in your own home. It’s guaranteed that upheaval of even greater magnitude will come, sometimes with devastating consequences. The question is, when life comes crashing in on God’s church, or your own home, will it break your faith… or make it?This Fall we will journey through a study of seven fundamental fault lines in life that all congregations and maybe even your family will experience; the question will center on how you respond. We aim to discover a new vision of holiness from the most ancient biblical truth.

God is so good, and he wants so much more for you than simple behavior modification. Discipleship is how we respond to God’s work in our souls when life gets difficult. The disciples knew this truth all too well!

Join us as we kick-off fall with a new series called, “Fault Lines”! You are also encouraged to join one of our Community Groups that will be studying this topic in greater detail. See group availability and sign-up instructions below.

In His Service,

Pastor Steve