Take a deep breath… it is cold now, but Spring is right around the corner. And along with Spring comes one of the greatest celebrations of all: EASTER!

In just a couple of short months, we will be navigating through, Passion Week, a series of events that depict the greatest act of personal sacrifice in the history of creation. Jesus, the perfect God-man, took on the sin of the world and made Himself a sacrifice for all! What an event to celebrate!

As great as Passion Week is, Jesus didn’t simply start this lifestyle of love on the cross, instead through teaching, preaching, and healing he lived this passion out every day! The Gospels each illustrate numerous accounts of how Jesus passionately loved others, especially through His intentional encounters.

Starting February 14, we will kick-off an 8-week series called, Encounters with Jesus. As we navigate through the next two months we will explore why Jesus encountered others, how Jesus encountered others, and what took place through Jesus’ encounter with others. Jesus was on a mission to encounter people during His time here on earth. Jesus was not too busy, He was not preoccupied with an ulterior personal agenda, and He was not looking for something in return. Jesus was simply expressing and spreading His message of hope, peace, grace, and love.

Jesus has ascended into heaven. However, fortunately for us, we still have the opportunity to have an encounter with our Holy God through the person of the Holy Spirit. This series is called, Encounters with Jesus THEN & NOW. Get this, God is not done; He is still encountering the people of His creation in our present day.

I invite you to join us for the next two months leading up to Easter as we all explore the historical encounters of Jesus then, and experience an encounter with Jesus now.

I hope and pray that this will be a formative event for you and yours!