Welcome to 2022! It is a new year with great new possibilities from our faithful and loving God! I am excited for things to come and about how we might continue to serve Him through serving God and people, through affirming one another, and through worshiping the One True God!

This Sunday we kick-off a new series highlighting the “basics” of faith, through examining the timeless truths from Scripture. This series will incorporate the writings of the Apostle Paul from his letter to the Ephesians, as well as bring a practical challenge and encouragement for Christian living. Hopefully this will set the tone for this season and start to the year; an effort to journey through and grow in holiness as we engage in practical application!

The book of Ephesians could be considered a summary of the Gospel, a “blue print” for Christian truth and life! In two parts Paul highlights proper Christian theology, as well as practical direction for Christian living. Ephesians is truly a letter to the Church full of timeless truth! We aim to explore, examine, and absorb that truth; the basics and logistics for life.

I challenge you to join us in this journey over the next 8 weeks! To whole-heartedly engage in corporate worship; anticipating the directing, prompting, and transforming power of the King! God is good, let Him show you!

In His Service,

Pastor Steve