Back to Basics // the Metanarrative of the Bible

Define “Metanarrative”: A metanarrative is an overarching story or storyline that gives context, meaning, and purpose to all of life. A metanarrative is the “big picture” or all-encompassing theme that unites all smaller themes and individual stories.

The metanarrative of the Bible is the universal story from Genesis to Revelation, a detailed account including all the building blocks that start in the garden and conclude with an eternal resolution. Exploring the big picture brings understanding to every piece of the Bible. When one understands the big picture it brings clarity to all else.

This month we will navigate through the metanarrative of the Bible, stopping to explore each main portion of His Scriptural plot. For some, God’s ways can seem confusing or even disconnected. However, we serve a God that never changes and that is intentional in nature.

Join us this month online or in the parking lot as we explore; the wonder of creation, the sting of sin, the birth of redemption, and the joy of resolution.

May God bless you during this season as you grow deeper in your understanding and relationship with Him.

Pastor Steve