Certainly this time of year we see many changes; some beautiful, like the colors of the leaves as they change and others not so much, as the days get shorter and the weather turns cold. It is no suprise because it happens every year. Most do not prefer the cold of late Autumn and Winter but we all know it is coming.

Yet we wade through the cold weather, and early evening darkness because this season also holds two of the greatest celebrations of our calendar year! In a few short weeks we embrace a whole holiday centered around Giving Thanks! Furthermore, we are then ushered into a season of anticipation and celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

It is all a matter of perspective. We can focus on the cold and the short days, or we can shift our perspective to the awesomeness of this season; thanksgiving for what God has done and celebration of His birth here on earth once again!

I want to invite you to join us each Sunday as we wade through two awesome series’ this November and December. Currently, we are exploring a journey of what it means to be thankful, as well as what we are truly thankful for! And all of this is done as we turn the corner in anticipation of the coming of the King!

Many groups and classes are continuing during this season, many ministry opportunities are taking place as well; both are intended to facilitate environments for greater growth for you and those within your sphere of influence. Jump in and take your next step today!

So join us in shifting your perspective heavenward, to what matters most!

In His Service,
Pastor Steve