Growing a heart for service — through action.

The 5&2 in Thrive Kids’ Ministry is a reward concept that goes deeper than kids just receiving something for themselves. Kids can use points they earn in a way that is mission-minded, and this teaches them what it means to serve others.

How The Program Works

Kids Earn Points through…

  • Attendance
  • Bringing their Bible
  • Bringing a Friend
  • Reciting Memory Verses
  • Reciting Books of the Bible
  • Reciting the Pieces of the Armor of God
  • Reciting the Ten Commandments
  • Saying The Lord’s Prayer
  • Memorizing the Pledge to the Bible
  • Memorizing the Pledge to the Christian Flag

Kids use their points to visit The 5&2 Shop, located in Thrive Kids’ Ministry area. Points are redeemable through donating in various ways to those in need.

  • World Hope International
  • Compassion International
  • Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC)
  • Good Works